All of our treatments are priced at £50.00, except for Sundays and Bank Holidays which are charged at £100.00.

When you see one of our Osteopaths for your initial consultation it can take up to an hour depending on how complex your problem and your medical history.

Subsequent treatments are booked for half an hour. 

There is NO additional charge for Acupuncture.

Sports Massage sessions are up to an hour long depending on your needs and are also charged at £50.00.

We accept all major debit and credit cards, cash or cheques for treatment. 

Sometimes we request advanced payment for initial consultations, this is to discourage missed appointments which waste our valuable time.

Cheques for treatment by Christopher Leighton should be made payable to “The Bexleyheath Osteopathic Practice Ltd.”

Cheques for treatment by Alix Bliss should be made payable to her personally.

Missed appointments waste our time, and these slots could be used to help other people. It is for this reason that the full fee is chargable when people fail to attend without giving prior notice.

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